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Panty (パンティ Panti?)
Voiced by: Arisa Ogasawara
The older of the Anarchy sisters, Panty is portrayed as a sexy celebrity blonde. She is always looking for men to sleep with, although her low standards and impulsive choices can lead to her dissatisfaction after the act. Panty does not take her Ghost-hunting duties as seriously as Stocking, instead preferring to fulfill her personal goal of having sex with one thousand men on Earth before she returns to Heaven. Panty is rude and aggressive, likes spicy food, hates sugar, and shows fondness for living a celebrity lifestyle, especially when it gets her closer to the men she craves. She has the ability to turn her panties into a semi-automatic pistol called "Backlace" (バックレース Bakkurēsu?). She can wield two Backlaces with an additional pair of panties and can combine them to form more advanced firearms such as a machine gun or a sniper rifle.
Stocking (ストッキング Sutokkingu?)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise
The younger of the Anarchy sisters, Stocking is a pink and violet-haired goth. She is generally more level-headed and intelligent than Panty, although she can be just as rude as her sister when provoked. Stocking has a gluttonous appetite for sweets and doesn't gain weight from consuming "normal" sugary foods, allowing her to eat them to her heart's content. Due to her obsession with sweets, Stocking becomes enraged whenever someone tampers with them or calls her overweight. She also does not share her sister's interest in sex, though she occasionally displays masochistic tendencies such as bondage and electrocution. Her stockings transform into a pair of katanas, "Stripes I & II" (ストライプI&II Sutoraipu I & II?). She is almost always seen carrying around a plush cat, Honekoneko (ホネコネコ?, lit. "Bone Kitten"), whose expressions often match Stocking's mood.
Garterbelt (ガーターベルト Gātāberuto?)
Voiced by: Kōji Ishii
The reverend of Daten City and the mentor of the Anarchy sisters, Garterbelt (or "Garter", for short) is a large black man with a massive afro. He gives Panty and Stocking their missions, and is constantly annoyed and bewildered by their erratic behavior and lack of commitment to the task at hand. He practices bondage and is shown to be homosexual with a particular interest in young males, much to the chagrin of Brief, who is a constant target for his sexual advances. Although he is rather vocal about keeping order in Daten City, he has a masked alias known as "Master G", which he uses to disguise his identity while pursuing more risky hobbies. Despite being clear to the audience, everyone in the show seems to be oblivious to Master G's true identity. Garterbelt also has a very checkered past; he used to be a gangster who performed all crimes imaginable. He eventually became the greatest crime lord in his town, but was gunned down in his own office. Soon after, he had ended up in Heaven, where he was given an as-of-yet undisclosed mission from God. When Garterbelt refused, he was cursed with immortality and was sent to the beginning of time, forced to live through the creation of the world as it is today. He retains his immortality in order to continue supervising Panty and Stocking, exploding in a manner similar to Ghosts whenever he is killed, only to reassemble himself moments later in a rewinding sequence.
Chuck (チャック Chakku?)
Voiced by: Takashi Nakamura
Panty and Stocking's pet sidekick, resembling a green dog with zippers for ears and a tail. He is subjected to various injuries in the series, but recovers extremely quickly. He is often used as a sort of mail box by Heaven, getting struck by lightning and spitting out a clue to a Ghost's whereabouts. He is only able to say his own name, and has been shown to be capable of driving the Anarchy sisters' car, a roofless pink Hummer H1 called See-Through (シースルー Shī Surū?). His brain is operated by a small red devil in a black suit who can exit through the zippers on Chuck's head. By turning himself inside-out with his zippers, Chuck has the ability to transform into a colossal horned hellhound. Chuck himself bears a striking resemblance to a "disguised" GIR from the series Invader Zim.
Brief (ブリーフ Burīfu?)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino
The son of the head of the Rock Foundation, a large corporation in Daten City. His full name is Briefers Rock (ブリーファス・ロック Burīfasu Rokku?), and he is normally called "Geek Boy" by Panty and Stocking (due to his interest in the supernatural and science fiction). As a "ghost hunter" (self-proclaimed), he carries a backpack-like device capable of detecting Ghosts and blowing out a smokescreen. Despite being the voice of reason to Panty and Stocking, Brief tends to be the butt of a lot of jokes as he is constantly knocked around and subjected to various forms of abuse, particularly by the Anarchy sisters themselves. A running gag in the series sees Brief falling headfirst into a pile of garbage. His orange hair constantly obscures his eyes, but it doesn't appear to impair his vision, and when pulled back reveals an incredibly handsome face. Brief has a big crush on Panty, who is frequently impassive towards his advances; she does, however, develop some feelings for him upon seeing his face and later stops calling him Geek Boy altogether, though he continues to be treated similarly.

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